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Studio FCLX is an gender-fluid, slow fashion latex brand that focuses on innovation and challenges the conventional boundaries of latex fashion.

Originating in London's dynamic rave and queer scene, we draw inspiration from friends, artists, and performers who helped shape our creative journey.

In 2023, we embarked on a new chapter by exploring diverse mediums, including 3D and CGI, to expand our vis

ual language. This exploration marked a shift in our approach to working with latex, by introducing new fabrics into the realm, redefining what latex wear could be.

While we explore these new horizons, we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainability. Latex is still at the heart of our work, and we celebrate its sustainable aspects. It's a biodegradable, renewable material, and its production is gentle on the environment, with no harm to plants or animals.

At Studio FCLX, we believe in fashion that pushes boundaries and treads lightly on our planet.

Join us in this unique journey where fashion meets art, inclusivity knows no bounds, and innovation is celebrated.

Handmade in London 


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