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Studio FCLX is an experimental, gender-fluid latex brand which focuses on functionality, sustainability and pushing the boundaries of latex.


The brand originated in London's rave and queer scene, taking inspiration from friends, artists and performers. We still have close ties to the community and continue to support LGBTQ+ folks. Studio FCLX aims to shine a new light on latex from wearable daywear to avant garde costuming


Lexi started Studio FCLX during the outbreak of Covid-19. The brand continues to be a one woman business. With her background in art, Lexi is continuously influenced by different creative mediums, which allows her to experiment with latex in innovative ways.


Studio FCLX is a slow fashion brand that's against hyper-consumerism and mass production. It empowers individuals to express themselves outside of society’s gender norms. Every latex piece is handcrafted in East London; all our suppliers are UK based to keep the environmental footprint to a minimum. 


Latex is is a great alternative to leather and PVC as it is biodegradable, renewable and does not involve the destruction of any plants or animals. Trees are not cut down when the latex is harvested and the production of latex is also carbon negative.


The material is sensitive to light, sweat and oils, so please follow the care guidelines when you purchase an FCLX latex garment. Polishing and applying talcum powder, as well as storing away from direct sunlight will ensure your garment lives longer and is protected from damage.

Handmade in London 


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