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Handmade. Sustaoinable. Gendefluid.

Studio FCLX is a genderfluid and slow fashion latex brand based in London - Aiming to step latex out of the fetish scene and shine a more wearable light on latex wear.


We want to empower people to be however they want to be, outside of society’s gender and identity constructs.

Studio FCLX’s collection is gender fluid and suitable for everyone.


We focus on handmade latex sheets and patterns as well as customised outfits to create a unique pieces.


All our suppliers are UK based to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible and supporting small/ family run businesses.


Latex is biodegradable and does not require the destruction of any plant or animal as the trees are not cut down during harvesting the latex. It’s also a carbon negative production.

Handmade in London