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Your latex garment arrives with a coat of talcum powder which prevents the material to stick together.

Before wearing give it a wash with warm water and and a mild shampoo or washing liquid. Let it dry inside and outside and apply latex shiner afterwards.

We recommend the latex shiner product from vivid shine (spray or polish). You can use talc inside which help if you have troubles to get in.

Be careful when dressing with jewellery and long nails the rubber can tear so be gentle with it.

Contact with metal will cause staining so it’s best to remove piercings completely when worn if possible and use wooden or plastic hangers. 

Latex is very sensitive to heat and can discolour in sunlight. Do not expose your latex garments for a long period into sunlight and store it at a dark, dry place. Transparent latex is delicate and should be stored separately.


Household oils, mechanical oils, greases and solvents can cause serious damage on latex.

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