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Latex Clothing Crash Course

This is an online Latex clothing Crash course. Follow me along making a buckle tube top and learn how to make your own latex clothing piece.

In this video I'll guide you through:


- All the required materials you need to buy

- The changes you need to make to your patterns 

- How to assemble your latex piece starting with transferring your patterns to the latex roll, how to cut and glue the pieces together 

- How you can put in a zipper and other trimmings in like eyelets, studs, spikes

- When and how to take care of your piece once it's finished

- How you can repair your latex piece if it's broken 


You will have to have your patterns ready for this course as I won't touch on the topic of pattern cuttings. There are different ways to get your patterns - either you make a pattern-cutting course prior to purchasing this one or you can find patterns online. You can also transfer your clothes into patterns. In the 'Adjusting patterns' section I'll talk about the changes you will have to do to your patterns in order to make a latex piece out of it.


You'll learn how to cut, prepare and glue latex as well as how to include different trimmings and zippers. After finishing making the latex piece I'll show you how to take care of your latex and in the last part I'll talk about the different rips your latex could have if its damaged and the ways to fix them.


Let's get started! 


00:00 Intro

01:13 Materials

05:17 Adjusting Patterns

07:44 Assembling

17:48 Zipper

27:45 Trimmings

01:03:24 Latex Care

01:06:20 Latex Repair

01:11:11 Outro 

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